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Growing health consciousness is the key factor driving the global fluid milk market growth across the globe. An increase in population and growth in disposable incomes in emerging economies supplement the market growth. High cost and stiff competition from other beverages are anticipated to hamper the market growth. However, the development of specialty fluid milk beverages, such as lactose-free milk, to cater to the diverse nutritional demands of customers is expected to present potential opportunities for market expansion. Fluid milk is standardized to provide consistent milk products to customers because the fat content in milk varies with species, feed, animal breed, stage of lactation, and other factors. The majority of the fluid milk is pasteurized utilizing the high temperature short time-continuous process to retain the freshness of milk. Higher heat processes, such as aseptic processing or ultra pasteurization, are utilized to extend the shelf life of the product. Fluid milk is usually fortified with vitamin D and vitamin A.

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