Employee Services


Confidentiality, discretion, integrity and honesty.

Professionalism is paramount. As this has become a well-known practice and work ethic of the company, the best legal professionals across the country usually consult Shearn HR Legal first.

All avenues of career development are investigated and all possible options are considered. This is done via one-on-one, relaxed, highly confidential consultation.

With an extensive knowledge of the Perth market and the various business sectors, Shearn HR Legal – Human resource + Recruitment consultants are able to provide an accurate insight into most firms, organisations, corporations, the team, the people, the work and the client base.

This enables a candidate seeking a change to gauge thoroughly whether that firm, government authority or company is best suited for him or her.

Please also review our application process page for details of documentation required from prospective applicants.

Web Site Services

Our web site allows registered candidates to:

  1. Receive Job Alerts according to their preferences
  2. Submit and store CV and Credentials. Should a suitable employer be found, Shearn HR legal will contact you to discuss the opportunity.

If you have any web site or service feedback please don’t hesitate to contact us.

For web site technical support please contact webmaster@cyanweb.com.au